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NIKKI SUDDEN: Road Of Broken Dreams


Nikki Sudden had many friends. Hundreds it seems. As many friends as he had songs. Many fellow musicians and non-musicians here in seem to have a Nikki connection. Maybe they had been in one of his many band line-ups, or they had supported him, or they had been a fan, a friend, or a drinking buddy. And now, with Nikki some two and a half years gone, it is difficult to write or talk about Nikki without smiling. Nikki seemed so full of life and with stories to tell. There are also many stories about Nikki to tell. But that is another article.

Smiling? Well, there were so many fabulous songs, from the early days of Swell Maps, via Jacobites with Dave Kusworth, to more recent solo releases. He often appeared lost in thoughts, or very tired, or very stoned. But he was a charming and passionate individual. A man a boy! who loved music. Music was his life! And, for me, a kind of inspiration. Nikki was living his boyhood dream. There was much to like about Nikki. And much to admire.

In the months following his all too soon departure from this world, there is, however, a sense of regret and much sadness. It is no secret Nikki lived his rock´n´roll life style to the full. And maybe it´s too easy to say now that someone really should have stuck by Nikki´s side, especially during the final US tour. But what happened, it happened. And while it´s easy to get all hot and bothered (and possibly with good reason) about what has happened since, let´s not forget the good times. And the great songs.

My friend and fellow music buddy, Grae J Wall, suggested we, and a couple of other good friends, who also had their own Nikki experiences, record a few tracks for a tribute EP.

Completed at the end of 2007, Road Of Broken Dreams features 5 Nikki covers, lovingly recorded on home equipment, keeping the DIY flag flying. Initially sold as a limited edition CD at gigs in Germany earlier this year, Big Untidy (in association with Trashville and 9pm Records) is now proud to announce the online edition, ready and waiting for you, dear reader, to download.

I think many of us felt, in the weeks after Nikki´s death, it was our duty no, our honour to keep Nikki´s songs alive as much as possible by slipping the odd one in during our own gigs. I don´t think anyone can sing a Sudden song the way Nikki did. But he wrote in a way which makes it possible to cover his songs and breathe new life into them without anything much getting lost in translation. Great songs remain great songs, after all.

The tracks on the Road Of Broken Dreams EP may not be considered among his greatest hits... but he had so many wonderful songs, you can´t go far wrong with anything you choose. So enjoy the company of Martti Mäkellä and his Trash Lounge (from Finland via Fürth), Clark Nova (from Berlin), and Grae J Wall and myself (along with The Gentlemen Of Leisure). It´s lo-fi, sure, but it´s lo-fi with love. We hope it keeps the flame alive. Hope that you like it.


Clive Product, Berlin, September 2008


Front cover (right click and save target).

Back cover (right click and save target).

mp3's for download;

1. Road of broken dreams

2. Chelsea Embankment

3.Basement blues

4. Countess

5. When Angels Die


CD label (right click and save target).